About this chick

Valissa Smith is an award winning broadcast journalist who spent 24 years in front of the camera.  (That’s really long enough for just about anyone, don’t you think?)  Then it was time to give entrepreneurship a try by developing and managing a website, providing freelance video production, event production, writing, movie reviewing and voice over talent. Now Valissa is back in corporate America, producing an entertainment television show in Kansas City.  And as sappy as it may sound her favorite “job” among them all has been mothering a couple of outstanding young women.


This blog is one chick’s opinion about movies, mothering, memorable moments in life and other things that come to Valissa’s mind.   She doesn’t expect you to like or agree with everything she says but she hopes it might enlighten or at the very least entertain you.  Oh, and perhaps even encourage you to have an opinion too.

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