Eddie The Eagle


The real Eddie "the Eagle" Edwards competing in 1988.
The real Eddie “the Eagle” Edwards competing in 1988.

This is the underdog story of Eddie Edwards.
Since grade school Eddie wanted to be in the Olympics. It just took quite a while before he found his sport. Ski jumping. In 1988, he became the first competitor to represent Great Britain in the Olympics. And while Eddie came in dead last in both the 70m and the 90m events that year in Calgary, he won the hearts of fans all over the world. The film Eddie the Eagle is his story, the real life story of Britain’s Eddie Edwards.

Taron Egerton plays Eddie, a socially awkward yet highly determined and intelligent young man with an overwhelming passion to compete in the Olympics. With borrowed equipment, no money, poor vision and no coach Eddie heads to Lake Placid, New York to pursue this dream.

After several failed attempts on the 70m jump and several injuries to show for it, Bronson Peary, Lake Placid’s snow farmer, steps up to coach the young man. Bronson, played by Hugh Jackman, has an Olympic past he’s ashamed of. He’s still recovering from pour choices of his youth that haunt him today. This unlikely pair prepares Eddie, the best they can, for his Olympic appearance. And what they soon find out is that spectators love an underdog almost as much as they love a champion. Maybe even more.

Anyone with a heart will fall in love with Eddie “the Eagle” Edwards and this hopeful, inspiring story of grit and ambition created for the big screen. We all want to be more like Eddie Edwards. More disciplined. More positive. More responsive to our

Before he found ski jumping Eddie attempted to quality for Britain's downhill team. He didn't make it.
Before he found ski jumping Eddie attempted to quality for Britain’s downhill team. He didn’t make it.

inner calling. More determined to accomplish our goals. And anyone with heart loves an underdog. Watching Eddie break the ski jumping record for Great Britain is like watching your first grader make their first soccer goal! The ski jumping record wasn’t very good to begin with. And the goalie on the other team had stopped to wave at her mom. All that matters is this person’s passion becomes your passion. And you are so happy when they succeed. Even if the measure of success is an unconventional standard. Watching Eddie sore to new heights just feels so good.

Arruga! = 0 (Though there is a scene where Hugh Jackman equates the downhill release and jump and landing to having sex. Parents, your kids may have questions. And there’s alcohol consumption.)
Fidget Factor! = 0
Age Range = 10 and up
Overall grade = B+

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