“Black or White” – Far From It

Two Academy Award winning actors come together for this real life story about a little biracial girl.  Elliott (Kevin Costner) is Eloise’s grandfather, a new widower trying to manage the grief of losing his best friend and wife while continuing to raise Eloise (Jillian Estell) by himself.  Rowena  (Octavia Spencer) is Eloise’s other grandmother who believes that the little girl needs to be surrounded by family, including her biological father.   Reggie (Andre’ Holland) has barely been in her life.  Everyone claims they want the best of Eloise.  A custody battle occurs.



“Black or White” is a very courageous film that isn’t afraid of hitting this obviously tricky subject head on.  It’s about the real conversations not only biracial families face but that society faces.  Racial stereotypes, name calling, fears and most importantly the desire to not only change negative stereotypes on both sides but to actually do it!  It’s a real life topic that’s current.

When Kevin Costner read the script, it became a passion. And when Hollywood studios didn’t want to make the film, he told his wife he had to finance it, spending $9-million from his own pocket to do so.  He’s was adamant about making it politically incorrect, with all the racial issues on both sides or the story wouldn’t be real.  Controversy is what makes this film compelling and in a very weird way likeable.  No one gets to side step their racism.

“Black or White” won’t win any awards but it’s a solid story, and one I hope will help all people come together a little more.


Arruga! – 0

Fidget Factor – 0 

Age Range – 13 and up

Overall Grade – B